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Hi, all!

Not much activity in the group the past few months.  But it's about Secret Santa time!  How many people are interested?  I'd need at least four participants to set it up, so let me know if you'd like to participate and you're certain you'll get your gift done by New Year's!  If I get a good response, I'll make the official 2015 Secret Santa sign-up entry!

I'll be keeping much of the same rules as :iconskittlebittle:, though one I'll be changing is allowing shounen-ai and shoujo-ai in the group.  So keep in mind that you can ask for same-sex couples during the Secret Santa sign-ups.
:iconstacinadia: will now be your Founder from now on. :)
All I ask is that you treat her with love, kindness and respect.
She's been and awesome and amazing Co-Founder since this was turned into a group and I feel she will do a great job being the new Founder.

She is free to run it as she sees fit. I will no longer be here or a member.

I wish you all the best of luck and thank you for 7 wonderful years of this experience from when we started out as a club to a full converted group. :heart:
And thank you for the time you've put into submissions, contests and comments.
It really says something over all this time. :love:
Stay awesome guys.

- SkittleBittle Out

Heyo everyone! :wave:

I've been thinking about this for a long time and I've decided to give the group over to a new Founder.
The group deserves someone a bit more qualified than me, who loves this series, and will be on from time to time.
I will not be one of those Founders who just up and leaves a group and basically dump all the responsibilities to the Co-Founder without warning.

So just a forewarning and I have asked someone.
I know the group has been up for 7 years but my time is done.
If nobody takes the position then it will fall to the Co-Founder as I will have nothing to do with the group since I will not be here.
I'm giving said person(s) time to think on it. I'm in no rush so far.

Thank you for 7 wonderful years guys.

No, the group will not be closed while I'm in charge.

As some or most of you know the newest edition to the mana series, Rise of Mana, has been out for a while now.
I know I'm late on this please forgive me.
I saw something about it on AshuraG's journal so I wanted to post it on here for you all.
I'm not a complete "know-it-all" so if I've missed anything please share. :)

The game returns the series to its Action-RPG roots, however this time as a F2P (free-to-play) game with microtransactions for things like weapons crafting. The game features 8-player co-op. Set in the new land, Miste, the story revolves around the angelic Lasta and the demonic Darka engaged in an ages-long war for the mortal world. One of each side falls to the mortal world by accident and must share the same body in order to survive, allowing the player to switch between the two characters at will. No international release has been announced, however Square Enix did trademark the name in Europe several months before the announcement. The soundtrack features contributions by composers from previous Mana games.
It will hit the Playstation Vita this May in Japan. Whether it will make it further west than that is yet to be seen.

If anyone here has played it let us know what you think of it so far. <3
Also I'm using links instead of showing the videos here because it will make the page too heavy.

:bulletgreen: Platforms - iOS, Android, PlayStation Vita

:bulletgreen: Website -…

:bulletgreen: Trailer -

:bulletgreen: Secret Of Mana Characters in Rise of Mana -

:bulletgreen: Title Theme -
There seemed to be some interest in a Secret Santa this year, so let's do it!


The holidays are coming, so let's have a Secret Santa!

:pointr: Event:  Secret Santa

:pointr: Deadline: November 14, 2014 (11:59PM Eastern Time) for sign-ups, and January 1, 2015 for presents!

:bulletyellow:  Half of our submissions are in!  Just a couple more days to finish!  Your entries are due 11:59pm EST January 1, so you have through New Year's Day to finish!

:bulletgreen: Rules :bulletgreen:

-This is your basic Secret Santa event, where I assign a person for you to make a little present for.  If you would like to sign-up for this event, please respond to this journal by 11:59pm EST November 14th!

-When responding to this journal, be sure to include what you would like as a present.  You can list characters, couples, games, scenes, whatever you would like!  Also, please include what games you are familiar with!  I try to assign Secret Whatevers to those who are familiar enough with the games that at least one of their requests is from.

Since this is the holiday season, feel free to request winter scenes, Christmas, Thanksgiving,  Hanakkuh, New Year's parties, ice level battle scenes, anything to do with winter or the associated holidays!  Likewise, if you wish for your present to have nothing to do with winter or holidays, mention that as well.

-On November 15th, I will draw names and send out Notes to all participants with the names of the person they are making a present for!  You will then have until January 1st (that's about 7 weeks, I think) to make your present!

-Please don't sign up if you don't think you'd be able to finish in time.  You will have a month and a half to complete your present.  We want everyone to receive their presents on time!  Also, if you are currently on the blacklist, you can't participate until your time on the blacklist is up.  (Is anyone even currently on the blacklist?)

-You can make a picture, write a fanfic, make a sculpture, whatever your heart desires, as long as it's within DA's rules, and our group rules as well!

-When you finish your present, submit it here to the club in the Secret Seiken folder.  :iconskittlebittle: and I likely won't be accepting Secret Santa presents into the group until beginning December 25th.  If you submit them before then, that's okay.  We just won't actually accept them until then.  Submissions received December 25th through January 1st will go up within a day or so.

-Most importantly, have fun!  :heart:

:bulletblue: Participants :bulletblue:

Shade, Pokiel, and/or Count Dovula in the Fieg Snowfields decorating a tree
or doing something New Yearsy (LoM)

One boss giving a gift to another boss, Flammie flying in the clouds, or
something fun with Rabite (SoM)

Sierra and Larc sibling love (LoM) or Shade looking all Christmas-y

Something wintery with either the Secret of Mana heroes (SoM) or the
Seiken Densetsu 3 heroes (SD3)
Hey guys!

Just wondering if any of you members are interested in a Seiken Secrete Santa Exchange this year?

I know the Spring Contest was a flop and I know a lot of you are mixed with being busy and/or doing other Secret Exchanges.

Just drop a comment if you're interested and if enough are interested we'll do sign-ups soon after to get a head start. :)